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It is sooooooo good to know that you found our website. It feels great to see traffic coming and seeing our offers. Imagine in the near future you see potential customers, clients and buyers visiting your website. Like people walking in and out of the most popular restaurant in your area. Bottom line; it feels great to see people on your site, asking questions, reaching out for quotations, and buying your products and services.

How do most buyers and clients find what they are looking for ?
We will make a wild guess how you found us

  • Google
  • Social Media post?
  • Recommendation of someone you know.

IF Solutions provides web development services for small business to large business.

Most developers offer websites that address your company offers – Like designing a business card; Then you go and when the opportunity arises you give your card hoping the client will go home and remember you IF Solutions goes many steps beyond that. We analyse the objectives of your business and build the site by keeping the objectives in mind so that your potential customers would act on it. Imagine the previous example of you showing a business card vs. seeing a huge billboard of your company on the side of the road for customers looking for your service. In technical terms, we develop custom, data-driven and Search Engine Optimised(SEO) websites and deliver digital marketing support to those customers. Website development is a journey. These are stages that you will go through with us.

  • Step 01: Research
  • Step 02: Website Development & Launch of the website
  • Step 03: Maintaining and on-going keyword adjustments after launching the website
people who work together of web design services small business
people who work together of web design services small business

Step 01

people who work together of web design services small business

You need to do two types of research

  1. Competition and Content for the website
  2. Good Website Development and Digital marketing company

Competition and Content for the Website

Did you know that more than 60% of our projects get delayed because customers don’t have the continent, and another 20% as the customer doesn’t know what the customer wants. IF Solutions team, we want to educate you to get your content and website plan ready before approaching a developer.

The first step of your website content research , look at your competitors. They have been on the internet before you. Their websites will give away a lot of valuable information that you need to pick. We have developed a Customer research Google sheet, so you gather as much as possible from the internet.

This document contains data about,

  • your business
  • your competitors
  • your target customers details and many more.

After doing the research, you know how you want the website, and you have a shortlist of developers that you can offer the project.

Do not rush into taking photographs or buying online. However, keep samples ready to show to the developer and photographer. There were some instances where customers had taken photos, but those were not fitting to the website. That is why you keep the samples ready to show to the developer. Want to know when to call the photographer? Keep reading, and you will find out when you need to talk to the photographer.

Website Development & Digital marketing research

There are the points you need to clarify with your development team.

1. Both Website Development and Digital marketing capacity at one place. Why?

Both departments should work together to achieve the goals. If you have two teams from two companies, it would be difficult to work. There can be communication issues, blame games, etc.

2. Portfolio of the company and industries

Following is the portfolio of IF Solutions

  • WS23
  • Allure
  • Lalitha Jewellery
  • Legends 96.6
  • Prana Lounge
  • South Point Villa
  • SL Brothers Tour
Food & Beverage
  • SuperServ
  • WS23
Education Industry
  • AIBS
  • SES
  • TMMP

Once the development is done whether client can manage the website informations

IF Solutions provides the backend to Add, Edit and Delete website information without relying on the developer.

Whether the development team is using standard Content Management System CMS like WordPress, Joomla, if it is eCommerce Magento, Woocomerce, Shopify etc. or whether they have their own CMS

IF Solutions use Standards platforms as those are reliable, optimised for Search Engines, there is a community of developers to provide support and reduce the lead time of the project.

Whether the developer is buying a theme from the market and customising it or developing a theme from scratch

IF Solutions we develop the theme from scratch and under no circumstance we buy a theme. If you didn’t understand the above terms read article Understand the Web Development Jargons

3. The lead time of the project

Generally the lead time of the project is dependent on the requirement of the client. Basic Website will take about 3 weeks and a massive project can go as long as one to two years. Ideally a 5 page simple site, an educational website, and a hospitality website can be built in 45 days. Ecommerce can be built in about 2 to 3 months.

4. Cost Estimation

Cost can vary depending on the requirement. It can start as low as 30,000, go higher as 1 million+. Finalise the website Content Plan Sheet and send it a few developers to get a few quotations to develop the website. Developers will be able to give you an accurate cost as you have filled the Content Plan Sheet. You should know good developers are expensive.

Step 02

There are 2 steps for this phase.

1. UI/UX Demo

Now you have a developer and the content to start the website.

What is next?
The most exciting things are going to happen in the future. In two to three weeks, you will see how your website will look in concept.
Your web developer will give you a site map and set of images. Some advanced development teams will provide you with a UX demo
only if you have a budget. Our advice is to get a demo from the developers atleast as images. Following is a sample demo IF Solutions has created.

2. Final Website

After approving the UI/UX, our brightest team wil get into coding. This requires a lot of skills. The code we are writing for you will be a brand new code. Our team won’t stop after developing the website. The team will do a QC (Quality Control) on their work. The team has a massive QC sheet to fill. Following QC will ensure that your website will be ready to display on any mobile or desktop device.

Device/ Browser Chrome Firefox Safari
4K / Ultra High Definition (UHD) Image Image Image
Full High Definition (FHD) Image Image Image
High Definition (HD) Image Image Image
High Definition Plus (HD+) Image Image Image
Quad High Definition (QHD) Image Image Image
Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD) Image Image Image
Wide Ultra Extended Graphics Array (WUXGA) Image Image Image

After getting the QC approved you will be able to see the output. Now the battle begins to get more eyes on your website and convince Search Engines that your site is worth sending searchers to.

Are you thinking about how to overcome this matter? We are here for you. We will make your website SEO-friendly in the development stage. That is the first step. Ongoing SEO work can be leant in our Digital marketing Service page.

Now we are going to take the final reports to check how Good the coding is. These reports will tell us the coding standards, Website loading speed, Image size issues and much more. With the reports, we will fix if there is any issue in the code. You can understand the report on our Digital marketing Service page.

Step 03

Even Though we say, the launch is the final step on our side. We will be doing the website maintenance.

You might wonder why you need website maintenance.
Imagine your car or vehicle you use, if you don’t servise it with a particular mileage or time period there is a high chance of a breakdown in the middle of the road. The same thing goes with your website. We had to make a compromise to give you editable access to your website.

The compromise is to use a CMS(Web Development Jargons). CMS needs plugins and security updates. There is no certain date for plugin updates that can happen at any time. These updates can be security fixes, bug fixes, etc. It is essential to check and update the site. But this should be done by a professional. Sometimes some updates can cause layout changes. That time we will inform you and give you a budget to do the update.

Sometimes clients ask us what if we don’t do the updates. We can not do the updates. However, We cannot certainly say the site will not break down. But with the maintenance contract, we have a backup that can be used. Still, updating is better than having downtime. Please read our article about how to plan your budget for the website that will give you a clear understanding of budgeting. You have read more than 1500 words. That shows us how interested you are in the topic. Whether you take our service or not, send us an email via this form, use the subject as “I read the Website Development Page”, We will do keyword research worth 25,000 LKR. Write to us if we still haven’t answered your questions or want to book a Zoom Meeting with us.