About IF Solutions

A company`s best advantage should be a quality product offered at the right price.That fair composition is what drives innovation.

- Chellie Pingree

Since our foundation in 2016, our goal has been to use digital technology to create experiences with a deeper impact. We want to be a key ingredient to your success. If we are able to support you to see the benefits of reaching customers via the internet, you will continue to support us and even recommend us to others… our goal is a long-term relationship that will last over new trends of technology in the market. Let us partner with you and allow us to guide you through this confusing world of IT.

Our Vision

To be the first choice for digital solutions for SMEs in Sri Lanka

Our Mission

By assessing and providing strong foundations for SMEs to meet their current and future digital needs.

By monitoring and implementing ongoing changes in the digital world.

By monitoring our internal and external performance to assess necessary in our structure, and team annually in order to make improvements.

Our values

1. Unique

2. Integrity

3. Curious

4. Remarkable

5. Take Ownership

6. Be Uncomfortable

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